No one said being an adult caregiving was easy.  I know this from personal experience. What most people do not realize is the incredible sacrifice it takes to be a caregiver. Adult Caregivers invest time, money, and an immense amount of emotional and physical energy into caring for an Aging Loved One. There are several challenges that are specific to caregivers.  Being aware and prepared will assist you in being less likely to neglect your own needs. A caregiver who is prepared for the challenges, and puts a priority on their own wellness, is a caregiver who can best serve others. Here are 5 challenges faced by caregivers.


Being a caregiver can be extremely time-intensive, particularly for caregivers who also maintain a job in addition to their caregiving responsibilities.  Commonly referred to as “The Sandwich Generation”. When this occurs, becoming, isolation can be quite common.

Isolation is the forerunner to burnout!! It is critical that caregivers schedule some time in their busy schedules with a friend and being around people. This will greatly improve the caregiver’s health, and in turn, improve outcomes for the person receiving care.

Caregiver burnout

Burnout occurs when a caregiver completely neglects their own needs and applies all of their energy on their loved one they are caring for.  Caregiver burnout will creep into your life without you even knowing it.  Eventually, a caregiver neglects their own needs so dramatically that they become physically and emotionally exhausted and prevents them so caring for not only themselves, but their loved ones.   Caregiving burnout is very common. It is important for caregivers to recognize the signs of burnout — exhaustion, fatigue, withdrawal from friends, and irritability.

Limited resources

Most Adult Caregivers are family members with experience in caregiving. Lack of resources can make caregiving scary, particularly when navigating complex health care system. Many caregivers experience added stress when making important medical decisions because they do not have access to reliable support and resources.

Financial Limitations

Besides being unpaid for the care provided, there are often many expenses that fall onto the shoulders of those providing care.  This adds to the stress and burnout that is building up.  A professional caregiving company can assist you both access available resources and help you navigate the health care system.

Lack of support

Obtaining the support, you need is critical in preventing burnout and providing the best care for a loved one. It is so important for caregivers to recognize when they need support — should it be from other caregivers, family, friends, a therapist, or a professional caregiving company.

When it comes time to hire a professional caregiving company, Caregiving Experts can provide you with a set of options to consider. We offer a complimentary no obligation home assessment.


Another resource is the book, “A Son’s Journey: Taking Care of Mom and Dad” and can be found here.